Fédération des métiers de l’animation et de l’image virtuelle – English

Created on 20 June, 2015, the Fédération des Métiers de l’Animation et de l’Image Virtuelle aims to gather together most of the producers, technicians and artists working in the animation and virtual image sector in Luxembourg.

For more than twenty years, the animation and virtual image sector, which has been in continuous development, has grown considerably within the Grand Duchy and has become, thanks to its specialised producers and studios, a real growth sector. Films and television series, awarded and recognised by an international audience, are multiplying on the screens of the greatest festivals (Los Angeles, Cannes, Annecy, Berlin, London, Venice, Tokyo).

In order to ensure this continuously growing development, FMAIV intends to defend and promote the interests and qualities of artists and technicians working in the animation, video game and new image technology sectors in Luxembourg.